We can sort out all your business insurance, so you don’t have to worry!

Leaving you free to work on the things that bring success! We understand that you are busy in your business and there is so much to take care of. Insurance can be a stressful part of this, the reality is things going wrong can have a frightening impact on your business and livelihood. Because of this minimising risk and loss is essential to long term success. That’s why we insist on understanding everything about your business, so we can create a package that keeps you and your business fully protected and secure.

We offer a full array of business insurance, from:

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Material Damage
  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Cover
  • Personalised Insurance Packages

Our job is to put the right cover in place so that you as the business owner are worry free, and able to focus on the things that move you forward!

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Material damage policies are similar to domestic contents policies but for businesses.

Cover for stock, plant, equipment, tools and specialised electronic equipment is common.

Coverage can be extended to also include mobile plant, equipment or stock. Policies can allow for seasonal variations and can be extended to include machinery breakdown cover.

Agency agreements all state that each agent must carry full commercial motor insurance, yet all insurers also exclude real estate agents and sales people from being covered under personal car insurance. Here at Northcrest, we can provide the commercial cover required at very competitive rates, often less than personal rates. Spouses/partners can even be added.

Commercial Liability

Public liability insurance covers your business in the case of a customer or member of the public suffering a physical loss or injury as a result of business activities with your company, should they choose to make a claim for compensation. This insurance can cover compensation payments, as well as legal fees. Getting public liability cover will allow you to operate your business, without the worry of not being able to cover costs should anything happen to a customer or client.